Meditation is becoming a more widely known activity to aid relaxation and a tool to support us through the challenges we face in today’s busy and stressful world.

With benefits including reduced anxiety, better sleep patterns, stronger emotional health & resilience as well as the potential to reduce blood pressure, reduce age related memory loss, control pain and aid concentration, you can see why so many people are incorporating this into their self-care schedule.

Yet when I asked my clients if they meditate I was given the same responses:
‘I don’t know how to meditate’, ‘I haven’t got the time’, ‘I can’t switch off’.

Meditation has helped me greatly over a number of years and so I decided to complete the necessary training in order to support others, adding it to my list of therapies to offer a safe and relaxing environment and allow people to learn how to meditate.


I offer small group classes as well as dedicated 1-to-1 sessions and can incorporate meditation into other treatments such as massage or reflexology.

My meditation sessions are suitable for those completely new to the practice or those who already undertake some form of meditation. In our time together we will explore breathing techniques, mudras (hand gestures) and guided meditations to help you learn how to find time and switch off in order to feel the benefits of this element of self-care.

I look forward to guiding you through your meditation journey.

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