Babies love to be touched, touch is a babies first language and it fulfils their deepest needs for affection and love.

Massage has been  carried out for many generations all over the world and has some amazing benefits. 

As well as the feeling of security that all babies crave, baby massage is also great for the relief of colic and reflux, bonding, reducing postnatal depression symptoms, aiding better sleep patterns, helping premature babies put weight on at a faster rate to name a few.

Baby massage is done in group sessions with 6-8 caregivers maximum and are great sessions for socialising and meeting new parents. One to One sessions are also available should you require.

The sessions are in 4 week blocks where we will cover the whole body massage, building it up week by week and talking through history, benefits, what should be done when. All equipment is provided including oil and a massage booklet with the full routine for you to take home.

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